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*Note- If status says FULL Please feel free to check with us at the department to be sure or to have your name put on a waiting list, Members are always quitting and leaving do to Moving out of the areaso please check with us, and go by the Page update Date to see how old the status is 


Department Status
Updated 3/5/2018

Fire Department Membership - FULL   

Fire Department Junior Membership - FULL 

1. Richwood Fire Department - Membership

The Richwood Fire Department is always looking members for our department. Anyone interested in joining please stop the station for an application. 

There is an immense amount of thrill and an overwhelming sense of achievement that comes with extinguishing a structure fire, extricating a trapped patient from their vehicle, or even possibly saving a life. The sense of achievement combined with the experience and camaraderie received from the fire and rescue service is often unreal. However, this type of work is not for everyone. Firefighters must have qualities such as bravery, dedication, assertiveness, and above all an ambition to help others in need. Firefighters perform demanding work that tests their abilities in unknown and often hazardous situations.

Men and women age 18 and older who are in good physical condition and have the desire to serve as firefighters are eligible for membership. Firefighters with the R.F.D. have almost never ending opportunities for training and advancement. Whether your dream is to be Fire Chief or just simply a basic firefighter, we have a place for you. Your advancement is only limited by your level of participation.

The commitment to serve as a volunteer firefighter with the R.F.D. is a life-changing decision and should not be made without serious thought. We hope you will find that you are able to make the commitment we need to contribute to the safety of the community and its citizens. You will find that participation as a volunteer firefighter with the R.F.D. will be unlike any experience you have had or will ever have.

Active members participate directly in fire and rescue operations, including incident response and operation of apparatus and equipment. Men and women ages 18 or older that are in good physical condition and have the desire to participate in this capacity are eligible for active membership. Applicants under the age of 18 require parental consent. Once minimum training requirements have been met, an individual may continue to increase his/her level of participation by obtaining additional training through county and state programs. Members must serve six months of probation before receiving full "active" membership status.

All approved applicants will be required to enroll in the next available West Virginia Firefighter Level 

1 Class. This is an entry level training program certified by the State of West Virginia. It is 120 class hours and all volunteer firefighter in West Virginia are required to complete this class. Several classes are usually run simultaneously but on different schedules to accommodate students' needs there is also an online class. In addition to this, you will need to complete classes Below to be able to run on calls: 

  • 8 hours- First Aid/CPR/AED Training 
  • 8 hours- Hazardous Materials Awareness

 If you have another Questions Stop by the station on Monday Nights from 6:00pm To 8:00pm Or Use our Contact Page 

2. Richwood Fire Department - Junior Membership

The Junior Firefighter Program is for teens between the ages of 16 and 18. As these members reach 18 years old, they become eligible for Active Membership.  Our goal is to give them a sense of belonging and that they can help.  It gives them the chance to see what firefighters do and to learn the basics before taking the Level 1 Firefighters Course.  We are looking for individuals that are willing to work as part of a team, be able to take commands from RFD Officers, be able to serve in a professional manner, and be able to attend the regular trainings and meetings.

The Junior Firefighter Program was instituted by the Richwood Fire Department (RFD) as a training program for young men and women, aged 16-18, interested in serving their community and preparing to become active firefighters upon reaching the age of 18. At age 18, the Junior Firefighter is eligible to become a full member of the Richwood Fire Department upon successful completion of the program and department vote.

As a Junior Firefighter, members serve in a support role for the senior firefighters at actual emergencies as a supplement to a formal training program. The Junior Firefighters attend monthly training drills with the full Department.  A RFD fire officer serves as the Junior Firefighter training officer, and he is the primary contact person for the Junior Firefighter. Those selected are expected to act in a mature manner and commit to a demanding, long-term program.


Junior Firefighters will have fun training and learning new stuff with the department plus the education opportunities and benefit you can serve just as a junior firefighter or work your way up the ranks of the Junior Fire service From Junior Firefighter to Junior Corporal  

 Jack Tinney is our member in charge of the Junior Firefighter Program at the department and he serves as the Chairman of the Program you can contact him through the contact page or by E-Mail at