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How You Can Help

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 1. - Fire Department Support

2. - Rocking Chair Sales

3. - Fire Saftey

4. - E-911 Reflective Signs                                                           


4. Fire Department Support:


Suppose There Was A fire
And No One Came -

Support Your Local
Volunteer Fire Department

Support Your local Volunteers

by donating to your local Fire Department
you will be benfiting yourself and your community.
Rember alittle can go along ways.

 Send your donation to:

 Richwood Volunteer Fire Department Inc.

 10 White Ave. , Richwood, WV, 26261

Also, you can remember the Fire Department in your will. 



1. Homemade Rocking Chair

Homemade Rocking Chair:

 These were made by a fellow in Buckhannon and we are using them to raise money for the purchase of an off-road rescue vehicle for the department:

* We, at this time, are selling chances for a chair. They are $1.00 apiece or 6 for $5.00. 

 We are also offering a chair for sale if you would rather purchase one. We are asking $150.00. If you want to purchase chances for this homemade rocker contact any fireman or use our contact page to let us know. We will try to display these at various locations at different times. 

      * Tickets Are no longer for sell at this time, Sorry

Example Of An Off Road Rescue Vehicle

Used During Off Road Rescues, Search & Rescue, Wildfires, ATV Wrecks, And Other Emergencys Witch Requires Us To Leave The Main Roads And Hit A Trail




2. Fire Saftey

The Members Of the Richwood Fire Dept will be haveing a Fire Prevention week this
October for the schools in our area.

You Can Help By Doing This :

 *Check the battery in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors every month. 

 *Practice fire safety every day.

 * Draw and practice a fire escape plan for your household and set up a meeting point.

 ** Fire safety material can be acquired from our department.  Contact us by using the mailing address below or the contact page. Send us your name and address and the information you want.

 Richwood Volunteer Fire Department Inc.

 10 White Ave. , Richwood, WV, 26261 

3. E-911 Reflective Signs                                                       

Each house and building has a 911 street address.  These numbers are very important to emergency vehicles responding to calls for assistance
to or near buildings or Houses.

Mounting Options For The 911 Signs

Post Mount     Mail Box Mount


 Use a Green sign - Green
White Reflective Numbers - 911  

 Please Mark Your House

Its Simple And Fast

Information On The 911 Signs

Everyone knows the adage "Every Second Counts" when we're referring to an emergency and
it's true. The difference between life and death may only be a few seconds for a victim. This
fact has not been ignored by governmental agencies and community organizations; millions
and millions of dollars have been poured into technologically advanced E-911 systems over
the past 15-20 years. Even today,  the hot topic is wireless E-911 concerning cell phones
dialing 911.

However, with all of this technology, we've left out one small, basic tool. People don't mark

their addresses sufficiently for emergency personnel to find them.  

These Address Signsare made of highly visible reflective material.

These signs measure 6" x 18" made of aluminum and are double sided, you can have your
Address  number on one side or both sides. You can also have the sign made for vertical or
horizontal applications. The numbers applied are also reflective. The ideal location for these
signs are on mailboxes, however you can install them on a post at the end of your driveway for
better marking.

  The numbers should be posted so they are highly visible from the road and can either be placed on the building or on a post at the end of a driveway if the building is not visible from the road.  The numbers should be reflective and a minimum of 3 inches high and 2 1/2 inches wide.  This is important to the ability of emergency response units to respond rapidly.  

Pick Yours Up at Any Hardware Store Or at Wal-Mart An In Nicholas County

How It Works

How they work in the

Day-The color and numbers can be see at a distance and
can direct emergence responders to that residence.

Night- The sign and numbers reflect when head light hit them and the emergency responders can see the residents.