Nicholas County Station 1 

Richwood Fire Department

Community Service Above And Beyond Since 1906

                         In Memory Of Our Fallen Brothers  

This page is dedicated to all Firemen lost In The Line Of Duty in Nicholas County Fire Departments.

    †  May You Never Be Forgotten  †

West Virginia Fallen Firefighter Memorial

Dedicated to West Virginia Firefighters Who Died in the Line of Duty. 
Erected by West Virginia Fireman's Association:
September 9, 1994 
The memorial is located outside the Cultural Center on the Capitol Complex in Charleston

Some give a little - But some Give it all !

"Greater love hath no man than this, That a man lay down his life for his friends." 
~Bible, John 15:13

Firefighter James Bennett - Nettie VFD

- - In The Line Of Duty - -


Went to be with his brothers before him during a swift water rescue operation.

Lieutenant, Johnny H. Hammons - CBC VFD

- - In The Line Of Duty - -  

 February 19,2009

Went to be with his brothers before him while fighting a structure fire in Cottle. 

Firefighter/EMT, Timothy Nicholas - CBC VFD

- - In The Line Of Duty - -  

 February 19,2009

Went to be with his brothers before him while fighting a structure fire in Cottle.

When I am Called to My Duties Lord

I am called to many duties Lord and now I've been called home. 

I've had to leave the ones I love To stand before your throne. 

I'll not complain, its not my way But there are some things I'll ask. 

And please , Lord, grant them to me For the loved ones I hold fast. 

I dare to ask because I know How you've blessed in the past. 

I've learned to trust in your grace, O Lord That's how I've come this far. 

So now, O God, I humbly pray Hear this prayer. 

Bless my wife and family -- so often left alone, They knew where I was going and Trusted you to bring me home. 

Well, now I'm home and wait for them Keep them within the faith -- that one day, Someday, we'll be together in this place. 

And O dear God, bless my men I trained them as best I could. 

I tried to do your will with them and lead them as you would. 

I need to know your with them Lord Or else how can I stay And peacefully enjoy this place of endless day. 

This heaven where there is no night No fire to kill and burn I guess that's why its now my rest, my place, my turn. 

And Lord, be with my community And keep it safe as it can be For all its folks are special, and very dear to me. 

They are all my friends, and by your grace I served them as best I could. 

So hear this Fire Chief's prayer, O Lord And grant it please -- I already knew you would. 

Amen !!

A Fireman's Prayer

When I am called to duty, God, wherever flames may rage,

give me strength to save some life whatever be it's age.

Help me embrace a little child before it is too late


or save an older person from the horror of that fate.

Enable me to be alert and hear the weakest shout

and quickly and efficiently to put the fire out.

I want to fill my calling and to give the best in me

to guard my every neighbor and protect his property

and if according to your will i have to lose my life,


please bless, with your protecting hand, my children and my wife.

The Last Call........

Today is the day my brother has fallen
We are side by side within a column...

No one looks forward to a day like this...
As our arms are straight and end with a fist.

We stand at attention dressed in blues...
As the bagpipes are played thru and thru....

You can't help but think of the people he's saved...
As a tear rolls down our saddened face...

It makes you reflect on the job we do....
But no matter what we see them all thru...

As you read these words...... On your screen....
Say a prayer.... For that final ring....

My brother's gone home.... To his final place...
He lies in heaven.... With a smile on his face...

As we get on those trucks and roll out of sight....

He will not be forgotten...
He's a brother for life...

                                                      Chief Norman..