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All of our programs are offered free to the community as a Thank You for your Support 

1.  Richwood Junior Firefighter Program

 N.O.E.L. Program ( Nicholas Order of Elves Limited)  

3. Fire Prevention Week

4. RVFD Computer Lab ( Future Generations Of WV ) - ( LAB CLOSED )


1. Richwood Fire Department Junior Firefighter Program


        Richwood Fire Department believes in teaching young minds in how to be fire safe one of the great ways we have done this is by having a Junior Firefighter Program that teaches young men and women ages 16 to 18 how to be firefighters by teaching them hands on by riding along with us on emergency call and non-emergency calls, Training with us for Structure Fires, Car wrecks, and many other emergency situations that my be thrown at us at anytime. These young me and women respond to the fire house just like real firefighters (except for NO lights or sirens) and don there PPE or “Bunker Gear” and clime aboard the second truck responding to the call and ride with full lights, Sirens and Horns. Once on scene of the fire or other type of call they are directed by an Officer on what they can do to support the other firefighters working the scene. Once on scene Junior Firefighters are not aloud in direct contact with the scene they serve as support members ONLY.
If you would like more information on the Junior Firefighter Program please contact us by mail or our contact page. We can send you a full Application and a full copy of the Guidelines
Richwood Volunteer Fire Department,Inc
10 White Ave.
,Richwood, W.V. 26261

2. N.O.E.L.  Program                  


      Richwood Fire Department is involved in many projects through out the community. The one project that we hold dear to our hearts is the N. O. E. L. program. This started many years ago after the department had fought a Pre-Christmas blaze on Maple Street. There was a tree up and packages underneath it. After returning to the station, the members realized that the kids at that residence probably wouldn't have much of a Christmas so a plan was formed to make sure those kids had toys for Christmas. One thing led to another and before you know it there were toys galore. So with toys in hand they dressed up a Santa and away they went. It seems there were more kids that might not have presents so they started passing out to the less fortunate and the program was started. The following years seen many developments and refinements. With HECKS Dept. Store assisting us, we began what has since become N. O. E. L. Jeff Bess, who missed a very important business meeting at the dept., was named lifetime chairman of this program and has done a very outstanding job with it.

 Every year he begins by requesting names of the underprivileged in our run area. He then begins finding people who are interested in making a child's Christmas more enjoyable. These people are then asked to "adopt" a child for Christmas. He request that they purchase 3 toys and wrap them separately and apply a code number to the package. Jeff then picks up all the presents and brings them to the department where his fellow "elves" assist him in removing the numbers and applying the child's name. After all the sorting and making sure there are 3 presents for each child he then sends a letter to the parents requesting they bring the kids to the fire department to meet with Santa and get their presents. While at the department, they have a chance to eat pizza, which are made by Jeff's fellow elves, and then they get their picture taken with the jolly old fellow and are sent on their way.

There is a lot of work involved in this program and it doesn't happen overnight. Jeff is very fortunate to have the whole department backing him on this project and is grateful to all the people who "adopt" each year. He is reminded when it is time to start by the "regulars" who enjoy shopping every year for toys and ask him for a code number or two.

If you are interested in becoming a part of this program contact us through our contact page or by dropping a request in the mail and putting - Attn: NOEL on the outside of the envelope.

 Program Contact :

Jeff Bess - Program Coordinator
Leave a message for Jeff Bess


Nicholas Order of Elves Limited - N. O. E. L.


        Nicholas County Nursing and Rehab employees are presenting lifetime chairman Jeff Bess with their contribution check for this year's donation to N. O. E. L. which is the largest to date because the company matched dollar for dollar with the employees. These employees have been involved with Jeff for many years in this worthwhile project.

N.O.E.L. 2007

         N.O.E.L. this year was an amazing success. We had 98 kids adopted by caring adopters and they had a great time with Santa at the fire department on the 20th. The elves of the fire department cooked pizza and served them drinks. Everybody had their picture taken with the Jolly Old Man. We would like to put their pictures on our site but we feel some things are best left to the imagination. 

3. Fire Prevention Week

Fire Prevention Week Will Be in October

2009 Fire Prevention Week (FPW) Posters



4. RVFD Computer Lab ( Future Generations Of WV )

RVFD Computer Lab ( Future Generations Of WV )