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Richwood Fire Department

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Richwood Fire Department Billing Services 

The Richwood Fire Department provides many Emergency and Non-Emergency Services and at a cost to us, Equipment, Repairs, Fuel, ect. is all left to us to try and pay on a Very small budget.

This is why the Richwood Fire Department started a City Wide Fire Fee which is $5.00 on every water meter each month which helps with costs associated with response and repairs and updating equipment to keep firefighters and our wonderful community safe. The way it works is if you live in city limits or you live outside city limits and receive city water and you elect to pay the $5.00 fire fee by having the city add it to your bill when the fire department is called to respond to a call your involved regardless if it your House or Vehicle, you will not receive a bill from our billing Department/Service. The only services that is not covered by the $5.00 Fire Fee is  hazardous materials response and clean up OR Wildland/Brush Fires do to the costs associated with these types of incidents. 

We bill and recover for any of the following incident types:

  • Motor Vehicle Incidents
  • Hazmat Clean-up
  • Vehicle Fires
  • Structure Fires
  • Other Types of Fires
  • Wildland/Brush Fires
  • False Alarms (Nuisance Alarms)
  • Special Rescues 
  • Water Rescue Incidents


If you Have received a bill and are needing to contact some one DO NOT call the department direct contact our billing specialist:

Sam Prest
Phone:(916) 789-1522 
fax: (916) 943-1661

Fire Recovery USA, LLC.
 2271 Lava Ridge Court Suite 120
 Roseville, CA 95661-3065


If you have questions regarding the City wide Fire Fee or would like to elect to voluntary pay the Fire Fee please contact City Of Richwood, City Hall at:

Administrative Clerk
Phone: 304-846-2596

Richwood City Hall
6 White Avenue
Richwood, WV 26261