Nicholas County Station 1 

Richwood Fire Department

Community Service Above And Beyond Since 1906

Our Station, Station 1

This is our only station located at the city center.  We serve our community and provide mutual aid to the Fire Departments in the surrounding communities. We respond to many different types of calls such as car accidents, house fires, brush fires, search & rescue, swift water rescue and assist in medical calls. We are available for many other emergencies and events.

Engine 10 - Industrial Foam Unit 

Engine 11- 2003 International/Smeal Commercial Pumper

Engine 11 is a 2003 International 4400 series DT530 with a Smeal Fire Body. It is equipped with a 1250 GPM Single Stage Waterous pump and a 1000 gallon poly tank. It is one of the first out trucks during any fire or car accident or any other type of emergency, It is also equipped with a set of Hurst tools for extraction .  . 

Engine/Tanker 12- 1988 GMC/Grumman

Engine/Tanker 12 is a 1988 GMC Top Kick. It is equipped with a 1000 GPM American Godiva single stage pump and a 1500 gallon steel tank. It is our second line engine/tanker used to supply water to the scene of a fire where a hydrant can't be reached or is unusable. It can also be used as an engine, when needed, if the others are down or at another scene.

Engine 13- 1978 Hendrickson/FMC/Bean

Engine 13 is a  It is also a front line truck used during a fire or car accident or any other type of emergency.

Truck 14 "Big Buck"- 1994 E-One Hurricane

Truck 14 is a 1994 E-One Hurricane, 95ft Platform truck. It is equipped with a Waterous CMU 2000 GPM pump and a 300 gallon poly booster tank. It also has a 20 gallon foam cell with a FoamPro induction system. It has a full Whelen Strobe/LED lighting package and boasts a Federal Q2B siren The truck has dual monitors on the bucket, one being remote controlled. It is a front line truck dispatched to any commercial structure fire and some car wrecks. 

Ladder 15- "Buck" 


Engine 16 "Little Buck"- 1998 E-One Hush 50ft Teleboom

Engine 16 is a 1998 E-One Hush with a 50ft elevated waterway and remote control master stream. It has a 1500gpm Hale pump and a 500 gallon poly tank. It also boasts a federal Q2B Siren and LED Federal Signal Light bar. It is a front line engine dispatched to any structure fire commercial and residential. A special thank you to "The Collins Company" for assisting in the securing of funds to purchase Engine 16

Utility 18- 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD

Utility 18 is a 2016 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD. This unit is used as a support vehicle for house fires and or car wrecks and is also used for transportation of members to and from school and fire scenes. During most natural disasters this also serves as our reconnaissance vehicle that we use to survey damage and attempt rescues of stranded citizens. 

Rescue 19- 1997 International/E-One Walk In

Rescue 19 is a 1997 International 4700 series. It has a 4 door chassis that has been fitted with an aluminum walk-in rescue body. This is the first truck out on any car wreck or rescue type emergency. In some extreme cases it can be used as an ambulance as well. It has a fully stocked medical cabinet and also has all tools needed for extrication, including a new set of stabilizers and Genesis Rescue Tools.

Tanker 19- 1997 Volvo Road Tractor

Tanker 19 "The Big Tanker" is a 1997 Volvo road tractor. It is equipped with 3000 gallon hand crafted tank. It is used to supply water to the scene of a fire where a hydrant can not be reached or is  unusable. It is a front line truck and also used if another department in the county is in need of mutual aid and extra water.

Mobile Command Unit 11- 2004 Dutchmen

Our Mobile Command Unit is a 2004 Dutchmen camper fully equipped with communications equipment, maps, GPS, etc.  It can also serve as housing during wild land fires, search and rescue missions. It is fully stocked and ready to deploy within minutes when needed. 

Mobile Decontamination Unit 11- 2006 Challenger

This is the only trailer of its kind in the county. It can be deployed in less than one hour for any sort of hazardous materials incident. It has a fully operational decontamination area as well as a full stock of HAZMAT response supplies. Firefighter Mike Spencer is in charge of this trailer.

 " Little Buck "

"Little Buck" is our department mascot, fire safety tech, and a friend of all the local school children. He is used during community events, parties, and fire prevention drills in order to interact with the community.