Nicholas County Station 1 

Richwood Fire Department

Community Service Above And Beyond Since 1906

Over 100 Years Of Service To Our Community  

A Brief History Of The Department :



Fire ! Fire !  That dreaded alarm in the winter of 1901 started the beginning of a great era as men roused from their sleep and rushed to the house, drawing water from a well, short on water, as they contained the fire to just that one house. Richwood's first bucket brigade had been formed.



After that fire, and many more like it, men like W.K. Mauck, Dr. R.E. Petty, S.L. Harman, W.W.Twigg, A.A. Williams, and James DeVaughn felt it necessary to form the city's first hose company. Sadly nothing else is known about those men or their actions at this time because of no note keeping. 

The forming of a Company

The company name would be called Dyer Hose Company, named after the honorary R.M. "Dick" Dyer. The chief ( called Captain at that age in time ) would be A.A. Williams. There were very infrequent meetings at that time,  but the heading of one of the meeting's notes says " Dyer Hose Company # 1". Evidently, they were expecting Richwood to grow to a size which would utilize the use of sub-stations being placed around the city. 



In 1906 the Fire Company known as Dyer Hose Company # 1 formed into the Richwood Volunteer Fire Company. At this time any able person was welcomed at the fire scene. This practice was stopped later because of fear of law suits. The Department was incorporated and named Richwood Volunteer Fire Department, INC. and any members who joined had be trained in firefighting. 

Later Years


The Department has grown into a great brotherhood and has helped it's community in some of Richwood's most devastating fires and floods ever to be seen in the area, past and present. They are continuing to help families in need who lose everything in house fires,floods,and other incidents. Doing all of this for free as volunteers in the Richwood area for years and years to come.